Managing facilities efficiently and effectively requires a robust strategy to develope within the business plan context.


Our strategy fundamentals: Keys Ring Brochure 2016

  • Consider the company needs,
  • Differentiating between core and non-core business activities;
  • Identify and establish effective and manageable processes for meeting those needs;
  • Establish the appropriate resource needs for providing services.
  • Identify the source of the means to finance the strategy and its practical implications;
  • Establish a budget covering needs and best value over short and long term;
  • Recognise that management of information is key to providing a basis for effective control of facilities management.


Our development and achievement skills:

  • Strategic Analiysis
  1. Portfolio audit;
  2. Services audit;
  3. Resources audit;
  4. Market audit.


  • Solution Development
    1. Criteria for evaluating options;
    2. Generation of options;
    3. Assessment and selection of preferred options.


  • Strategy implementation
  1. Team process and systems innovation;
  2. Communication;
  3. Resources planning.


  • Flexibility
  1. The facility management organization creates strategic paths for different scenarios and is ready to perform to redefined success measures.